Sunday, August 27, 2006

¡ New Art !

I always enjoy creating new art to wear! Here are a few of the graphics that i have been working on...I'll be posting these + others on the site this week. My love, brian (who is also a graphic designer) helped me out creating images this time around. Here are a few of his images.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Let me catch you up...

We ended July by taking a trip to Portland + Seattle. It was so amazingly beautiful! Thanks to michele ~ sebastian ~ kim for showing us so much of both cities! of course we went to see haystack rock from the goonies these flowers were near cannon ceach that's me while we were on a stroll in downtown portland artwork from the kennedy school (an elementary school converted into a hotel + bars) These color palettes look the same! we took a train to seattle. this was pike's market. the space needle... we went to the EMP in seattle where we saw the art of modern rock poster show. and my man on the train ride back to portland. he makes me SMILE! I sent my jewelry to a new store this week. It's the Beech Tree Gallery in Massachusetts. Donna was really sweet to send me a pic of my julz set up in the space. I was recently featured on Modish It's a great site to check out daily and find cool new handmade sites. i've also been working on new images. i'll post a preview here this week before i upload them to the site. there are about 15 new ones! yea!