Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love color!

Brian and I went camping on the Oregon Coast this weekend. Although the beach was only a few minutes walk from our campsite, it was quite an interesting journey to get there. We walked over a small wooden bridge, thru a tunnel which was under a bridge under construction and then under the old highway bridge still in use and finally over piles of rocks to the tranquility of the ocean waves. Brian took the photo of me above as we exited the tunnel. A few of my favorite rocks we gathered from the evening and arranged for a photoshoot at sunset. ;) New images just added last week! I must have had the beach and a sunny location on the mind. Perhaps because I'll be vacationing in florida may 9 - june 10. I'll still be selling thru my etsy shop and shipping once or twice a week, but custom orders will be on hold starting May 2.