Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Saturday Market + ReadyMade

We had some fun friends in town from Texas over the weekend. They were the first friends to visit us in our new city and it was so nice to have a place like the Portland Saturday Market to take them to. There are so many artists creating amazing things in this city! It's so exciting. Somehow I got out with only buying one thing and it was a cuff from Erin Macleod I think I might need to visit her again because I didn't make it past the suitcase full of vintage tie re-creations. She also had cute skirts. Look what I purchased! While we were in her booth, erin recognized the rings we were wearing from her magazine. I purchased my first ad space last month in the readymaker digest which is inserted into Readymade magazine 2 times a year. and I was REALLY surprised to see this when she pointed out the picture that I submitted for them to publish! They featured my adjustable ring! TERRIFIC! Thank you READYMADE! you are great!