Friday, February 29, 2008

Continued Inspiration.

Inspiration is everywhere! I'm here trying to make the most of this day which only comes once every 4 years. I just finished reading Design for Mankind's e-zine : Issue 2 which is all about inspiration. The e-zine promises a monthly dose of inspiration, "motivating you in your quest to accomplish each and every one of your goals." Erin, the woman behind Design for Mankind has put together thoughts from various creatives on what inspires them. If you have trouble finding where to download, the post was written on 02.25.08 I first learned about Design for Mankind thru my "week in review" from Indie Shopping I enjoyed it so much I felt it necessary to share! I still have the included artists' individual blogs and sites to look forward too for now and hopefully many more days of Inspiration in this wonderful life!