Monday, July 23, 2007

New Boutique : Union Rose

Today I took some of my julz to a new boutique that will be opening this week called UNION ROSE! Go check it out! Grand : FRIDAY, AUG 3rd. UNION ROSE brings you locally made goods, beautifully designed. Unique. Handcrafted. Stuff with soul. Because local is where it's at.

A few other ladies that will be selling their fabulous goods in this boutique are Allium . Lolabelle designs . Motard 66 and Knot Ugly

UNION ROSE women's, children's, accessories, gifts * 2023 NE MLK Jr. Boulevard * Portland, OR 97212 * 503-287-4242

OPENING DAY - Wednesday, July 25th Tuesday-Saturday 11 am - 5:30 pm

SPECIAL GRAND OPENING Event the evening of Friday, August 3rd

Nicole Prevost and Heidi Steeves, Co-Creators


I forgot to post these yesterday. A few surprises we found in our yard when we arrived home. Tomatoes! It is so fun to go out in our backyard and pick some of the yummiest tomatoes that I've ever tasted. I am constantly surprised by all of the different flowers here in portland. In the one week that we were gone this succulent grew upward and then flowered. So beautiful I had to share!