Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2009 : a new year

Happy New Year! I'm struggling to get myself out of holiday mode, but I'm almost there! I just couldn't stay away from writing any longer. I have things to share! The problematic thing for me is that the end of my year goes some thing like this - thanksgiving - holiday madness - holiday fun with friends and family - new years - my birthday week and then my finally my birthday! i think that my new year's beginning truly begins the day after my birthday every year. That will be friday this year! I've been spending the week trying to ease into the year. A photo that kim took of brian & I on the eve of this new year. We went to a really fun black & white party hosted by corporatepig I love my brian! Yesterday, I worked on some coffee label designs for my mom Today, I spent a good part of the day rearranging our dining room to make room for a 1st floor workspace. I thought i could use the light that the window facing south could give me ;) I'll share pictures of that soon. I certainly hope that it's been a fun filled new year for you! Happy 2009!