Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Design Projects from the past 2 months

I've had lots of opportunity for designing lately and I absolutely love it! It makes me happy to be able to get back to creating artwork other than for my jewelry. Since returning from our honeymoon 2 months ago, I've worked on several projects that I wanted to share. The first pictures below were for a fundraiser for the communication design program that I studied in college. The event was called Block Party 2008 : Alumni Fundraiser. I received a 6x6 block of wood and was told that I could create anything I wanted with it. I made mine a Handmade Julz themed block. A calender is useful for everyone so I made one side into a calender. I took the artwork that I have used in my julz designs and used that for a different background for each month. The other side was covered with glass "julz" gems and then I filled the empty space with a gray grout. I was excited to find the perfectly sized wooden easel to hold the block. I often don't totally think my projects thru until I'm already into it, and after i made my mosaic side, the block was too heavy to stand on it's own. I painted the easel one of my favorites shades of blue to go along with one of my favorite shades of green - which together are the colors of Handmade Julz I'm helping put together a show at the end of this month with Jen of Knot Ugly and Michelle of Eclectikid. It's called the Secret Society Sale If you're in Portland, come check it out on November 30th! This is the postcard that I designed to help get the word out. And the poster design for the Secret Society Sale : Nov 30, 2008 Our friend Bronwen just started a catering business called Flavour Pals We were lucky enough to have her catering our wedding! She also provides personal chef services and teaches cooking classes. Below is the logo that I created for Flavour Pals I had the pleasure of working on a logo for Point Break Surf, a company that teaches surf lessons in Costa Rica. If only I would have been in Costa Rica while designing the logo! And a poster designed for Point Break Surf in Costa Rica I also had the honor of working on my friends Cara & Kelly's wedding invitation. It makes me happy to be able to work on things like this for a friend. The wedding, which was held last month in the hill country of austin, texas, took place in the evening in a space that was reminiscent of an italian villa. It was absolutely breathtaking. Below is the invitation that I created for them. A program for the ceremony was also created. This is the opening page of Cara & Kelly's Wedding Program The inside & back of Cara & Kelly's Wedding Program Thank yous were also designed to go along with Cara & Kelly's Wedding Invitation