Friday, August 24, 2007

photo update

While my mom was here two of my favorite things that we did were waking up at 5am to go fishing and visiting the beach. We have a huge pear tree in our backyard and pears are falling daily. They are so juicy! I never new how good a pear could be. In Portland and need some pears? We've made several meals involving pears in the past week! Spinach, Pear + Avacado Salad, Pear + Gorgonzola Pizza (we also added caramelized onions and mozarella) and a pear pie. Figs from the tree in our yard are going to be ready in a few weeks too. I feel so lucky that we didn't even know what surprises would be arriving for us during the summer when we moved in! These flowers sprouted in our yard too. And finally, I've been getting ready for Bumbershoot which is NEXT WEEKEND! This is the first time that my products alone will be filling a 10 x 10 booth. I'm so excited! Here are a few pictures of things that I have been creating. The kitties are still doing terrific too!