Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today brian and I went to pick berries. It was the first time I have really spent that much time picking berries...I guess because I have never been around so many at once. We picked strawberries + blackberries + raspberries + blueberries and there were more berries that we didn't take home with us. Here are a few pics of us showing off our berries! Strawberries + Raspberries A beautiful view of Mt. Hood I didn't know blueberries grew on trees? I think we ended up with over 10 lbs of berries! It was a fun few hours at Kruger's Farm As for the berries, we plan on making lots of smoothies + a blueberry pie for july 4. I'll post the recipe for that this week!

Monday, June 18, 2007

a whole lot of goodness

I have a lot of tees that I need to post on the web to sell. Yesterday I made a lot of large gems to work with. And I just finished screenprinting new biz cards with my new # on the good old print gocco. There are a lot - I need to count how many I ended up with!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I just received the cutest baby clothes in the mail the other day. They are made by my friend suzy of FOCOLOCO and they are so darn cute i had to share. All of the items I ordered were made with 100% organically grown cotton. I noticed on suzy's site that roughly 50% of her products are organic. The color choices are cool too. Another product focoloco just started carrying are shirts that you get to color yourself! You can start coloring as soon as they arrive too because they come with 2 fabric paint pens, a glitter pen, a metallic pen AND a glow-in-the-dark pen. Lots of art to choose from, but this is my favorite! Thanks Suzy Q!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

cute kitties

I wanted to take this moment to introduce our 2 cute kitties, blackie + fattie. Their names are sort of self explanatory! They are brother + sister and they like to cuddle alot! I love them so much. I think that they're enjoying in our new home!

I also wanted to mention that my friend erica started a blog about her cute kitties Maple + Eligh titled: Tales of Cats with No Tails They really do not have tails, but they too are such cute kitties!

Monday, June 04, 2007


I had such a great time at the lov.li fair yesterday! So many talented folks! A few that I met were Joelle She makes the cutest felt rings, pins, pendants! I love the lucha libre masks. They also had a diy table where you could make fused glass pieces with Jennifer Wells I wish I could have made one...but she does offer classes at her studio on NE Alberta. My really fun booth neighbor was Cara of Octavine Illustration She was selling some really wonderful cards that she hand painted and also kitchen aprons + tees with her beautiful illustrations!

The latest and greatest N.E.E.T. magazine is now online. Stephanie makes sure that everything featured in the magazine is unique and created by independent artists. The photography + illustrations are also really fun to look at too. Best of all - you click directly to all of the shops! Go have a looksie and see what is on page 99. The ReadyMaker Digest is also now available online for viewing + clicking!

I'd like to thank IguanaFashions and Jubella for recently blogging about handmade julz! Thanks for spreading the word!

Friday, June 01, 2007


Sunday - I'll be participating in my first crafty gathering here in portland! Here is info about the event below that i received from patrick,creator of lov.li and diane of diy alert Where: Rontoms, 600 E. Burnside (21 and over) When: Sunday June 3rd 11am - 4pm This Sunday, 35 of lov.li's best vendors from Portland and beyond will be at Rontoms for an art and craft fair. You'll find paintings and jewelry, handbags and needle-felted animals, fused glass and zines. We'll also have two make-and-take tables on hand, so you can relax and make stuff in the crafty atmosphere of RonTom's. You can assemble a fused-glass pendant with Jenny Wells, or make cards and bookmarks with Candice of ArtNeko Rubber Art. lov.li vendors have been mailing in items from around the world for a free raffle. when you're all shopped out, have a drink and relax on the outside deck- the music will be spun by Church of Girl's DJ Boy. * * * * * Sounds like a fun sunday to me! Stop by and check it out if you're in the area!