Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Stores that carry Julz

I just sent necklaces to the Blue Bottle Art Gallery in Seattle. WA this week. They're selling my julz in their gallery and in their online store and they've already got the pics posted. On their site, click on gallery + store and then functional art. They have some other really cute stuff too! I sent them a new design that I've added to the line that I haven't even posted on my site yet. If you like to shop online - you can find my jewelry at My Etsy Shop Pixelgirlshop carries my large necklaces and Copacetique carries my small necklaces, rings, bracelets. I also recently created some very special rings for the very talented sara + brian at Cricket-press They handprint the most amazing posters so I created some rings for them with image crops from their posters. If you're in Texas (like me) you can find all of my julz Alter Ego Vintage in Denton.TX Dolly Python in Dallas.TX Parts & Labour in Austin.TX Texas Art Spot in Corsicana.TX In California you can find me at The Orange County Museum in Newport Beach.CA and Hitch Couture This is an independent designer mobile boutique in an airstream trailer! Pavement Shoes in Pittsburgh.PA also carries rings, bracelets + necklaces as well as The Wild Pear in Fort Madison.IA That's where you can find me right now! Of course you can always custom order through Handmade Julz • • • Let's be friends!