Saturday, May 19, 2007


i think i forgot to mention that i have relocated. me + brian + our 2 kitties moved on up to portland oregon! we have been enjoying everything about this city so far. i LOVE it! right now we're enjoying the weather (a bit of a change from the texas heat!) and all of the beautiful greenery outside. when spring arrived i was very surprised to see all of the bushes surrounding the front of our house bloom. i don't remember this ever happening in texas. we have bushes with all different colors. we've started several plants for ourselves here... herbs and strawberries and succelents. it's so fun to watch them grow! i didn't really participate in the watering of plants in texas because it was so hot and i was trying to balance 2 jobs, but i've promised brian i would help. we're also trying tomatoes in the backyard. I found this interesting concept on the Frecklewonder blog april 25 - about growing the tomato plants upside down. we might have to try that next time around.

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