Monday, February 16, 2009

My new friend : the sewing machine

I spent some time on the sewing machine last week and I think that I can now say I know how to sew! i'm no expert, but I did use it without cursing which was fun! Maybe sometime soon I can try out a pattern from this amazing site called Burda Style I made some new badges! Earlier last year, I hand-sewed some similar ones and I have enjoyed wearing them on jackets and purses. They've received a lot of attention, mostly from guys asking me what I did to win that award! To create the badges, I heat pressed my image onto a light canvas, chose a fabric piece (from my recycled upholestry samples) to match each image, and then a ribbon or zipper to match each as well. Here's a peak at a few badges now available in the shop! Thanks to sweet Jena also for already giving the badges some love on the oh so fun modish blog!

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pamela michelle said...

Very cool! Those are suer cute :)