Monday, February 23, 2009

february fun

It looks like I'm going to be spending my last week of February sorting thru paperwork from 2008. As the days pass, I tell myself this year I'll be more organized! I hope that it happens. Before I'm off to work on that, I wanted to share a special gift that i received last week from my love. It's the first painting that anyone has ever painted just for me and i adore it (and him too!) I just reworked the front page of my site and wanted to let you know, that now thru March, I'll be offering FREE MATCHING EARRINGS w/ every necklace! I hope you enjoy the rest of your March!


jess gonacha said...

wow, what a generous offer! and i'm right there with you in the paper sifting-- every year i say "this won't happen next year"..... but it always does! Good luck organizing. :)

Cherry Runway said...

Those paintings (are they paintings) are gorgeous!! Who made them?