Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're a Work in Progress

Today I am procrastinating. I made good progress on the taxes yesterday, so I'm back today to share a little collaboration happening in our home right now. Our first art-related collaboration happened at the end of last year when we designed our wedding invitation together. We also worked together on a logo for Cafe Au Play. There's an interesting challenge that happens when two very passionate people are working together on something that they are each so passionate about. Each one of us has our own unique ideas, styles, & processes that we're bringing to the situation. In my case, I'm bringing a non-planning kind of process of just making it happen along the way in whatever way ends up happening. I don't really think it all through when I'm painting, sewing, building and it drives Brian crazy. In the general everyday, I'm usually the over-planner and brian is the under-planner. I'm enjoying these discoveries about myself and my husband and our processes that it takes to work together to be happy with the outcome. I hope that everyday continues to bring a new challenge because it's pretty fun to learn new things and create art together. There will be many more works in progress happening in this home soon to be revealed, but here are a few for now.


jess gonacha said...

this makes me wish my fiancé were artistic and creative-- he's the complete opposite of me! your pieces look very intriguing-- I particularly want to see more of the bottom one!

mchen said...

Wow. How lucky that you guys can collaborate — takes things to a new level :) Can't wait to see more! And very heartwarming about the painting your hubby did just for you. Warm fuzzies abound.